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Our Company, Key Facts & Figures

In 2006, ICT Distribution was founded by Luciano Benassi, a multi-entrepreneur with a special focus on setting up distribution channels and technological innovation. Benassi has a large experience in distribution channel for more than 20 years and in a wide range of sectors from the automotive to the dental through the Telecom sector.

At the time of creation, there were not enough value-added distributors in Switzerland: they were not offering additional skills and services in addition to the traditional distribution logistics provided. The major distributors were only logistic Box-Moving.

ICT offered its resellers from the outset services such as pre-sales assistance to ensure feasibility, after-sales technical support in the event of product failure, and training for salespeople and field technicians.

This value has enabled the "Go-To-Market" of brands and products that required very high skills through our partner network. Thanks to all our services, this partner network ensures the projects, their proper functioning, and their fast and efficient maintenance in a long-term perspective.

2007: Avaya distribution for Switzerland.
2007: SoLo Mobile Solution distribution for Switzerland.
2008: Distribution of Imagicles software.
2013: ICT obtains a Telecom Operator licence from OFCOM/BAKOM.
2013: Creation of our 2 redoundant Data Centers in Switzerland to offer Cloud services through our resellers
2014: Launch of SoLoCloud in partnership with SoSofware.
2017: Partnership with VTX Services allowing ICT to expand its Telecom offer.
2018: Replacement of the SoCloud solution by our own created solution named SoTalk, the first hybrid telephony solution B2B sold based on the Cloud model.

ICT Distribution SA is nowadays well implemented in Switzerland and has built for many years a Swiss reseller channel for major brands covering the whole territory.

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