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Our Company, Key facts & figures
in 2006, ICT Distribution was founded by Luciano Benassi, a Multi-entrepreneur with a special focus on setting up distribution channels and technological innovation.
At this time, there was not enough value-added distributor in Switzerland, which in addition to providing traditional distribution logistics, offers its resellers additional skills and service. The main Distributor was only logistic Box-Moving.
ICT offered its resellers, from the outset, services such as pre-sales assistance to ensure feasibility, after-sales technical support in the event of product failure, and training for salespeople and field technicians.

This value has enabled the “Go-To-Market” of products that require very high skills through our partner network. Who ensure the projects, their proper functioning and their fast and efficient maintenance.

2007=Avaya distribution for Switzerland.
2007=SoLo Mobile Solution distribution for Switzerland.
2008=Distribution of Imagicles software.
>2006-2013= We build since 2006 a Swiss reseller channel for major brands like Avaya, SoSoftware, and Imagicle with more than 50 resellers and integrators who cover the whole Swiss territory distributor of voice-mobile-data products.
2013= ICT Obtains a Telecom Operator licence from OFCOM/BAKOM.
2013= Creation of our Data Centers to offer Cloud services in Switzerland through our resellers
2014= Launch of SoLoCloud in partnership with SoSofware.
2017= Partnership with VTX Services, allowing us to expand our Telecom offer.
2018= Replacement of the SoCloud solution by an new innovative own created solution, named SoTalk, the first hybrid telephony solution B2B sold based on the Cloud model.

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